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It’s not often that you’ll come across maths worksheets that actually "hit the spot" in terms of what they aim for, without stifling student interest in maths.

That’s what you’ve come across at this website.

These are "niche" worded problem worksheets. Aussie through and through. And enjoyable!

  • We DON’T aim to solve all the world’s maths problems on the primary curriculum in one go.
  • We FOCUS on weaknesses in solving WORDED maths problems at primary school level.
  • No fuss, no bother, just each week releasing a fresh, newsy, up-to-date set of worded maths problems.
  • 3 levels – mid-primary, upper primary, and gifted/extension.
  • Ideal for use in middle and upper primary classes.
  • Written by experienced educators, who combine the literacy and numeracy in an interesting, student-centred way.
  • Absolutely consistent with state and federal curricula, and specifically designed to quickly and effectively lift student skill-levels in the worded maths problem area.
  • Emailed fresh to subscribing schools and teachers each weekend of the school year.


“The students really look forward to and enjoy their weekly problem solving adventures. Not only do they enjoy the challenges and the activities, it has really made a difference towards their degree of engagement and practical understanding of what real world maths involves. Many thanks!”

“Thanks Robin, we are using this wonderful resource for home learning activities & then discussing the students attempts during class time.”

“Thanks!...This is perfect for my 4th and 6th graders!”

“The kids and teachers at Marymede are enjoying your problems.  Thank you…”

“Hi Robin, My school are loving these problems!”

“My students look forward to their Edshop sheets each week!”

“Our kids are very excited about your worksheets!”

“A truly worthwhile resource for teachers and students.”

“We’ve looked high and low for some worthwhile worded problem resources. At last we’ve found them!”

“Heard about these from a friend. Exactly what I need for the gifted kids in my Year 5 class.”

“A great worded Maths problem approach.”

“An impressive approach to combining literacy with maths. Long may it continue!”